Digital Marketing Interview Questions


Digital Marketing Interview Questions

1) Explain digital marketing.
Digital marketing is a term used for online marketing it is a process of interactive marketing or promoting the product and services using digital technologies. Digital marketing is a technique to use the digital channels to promote the services to consumers and businessman and change the leads into customers.

2) What are the types of digital marketing?
Digital marketing can be categorized in two types:
Inbound Marketing: Inbound digital marketing consists of following marketing strategies:
Social media marketing
Content marketing
Search engine marketing (SEM)
Search engine optimization (SEO) etc.
Outbound Marketing: Outbound digital marketing consists of following marketing strategies:
Radio and TV advertisement
Newspapers and magazines advertisement
mobile phone marketing
Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
Event sponsorships etc.

3) What are the activities used to promote Digital marketing?
The digital Marketing activities are
Search Engine Marketing(SEM)
Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
Content Marketing
Content Automation
Campaign Marketing
E-commerce Marketing
Social Media Marketing

4) What is a keyword in the scenario of digital marketing or SEO?
Keyword is the most repetitive word of your article. It is a focus word for search engines which is generally entered by users to find a specific information. It is very important to use appropriate keywords to get a better page ranking and search results.

5) Name some digital marketing channels?
Digital marketing is facilitated by multiple channels. There are some multiple online marketing channels:
Affiliated Marketing
Display Marketing
Email Marketing
Search Marketing
Social Marketing
Social Media
Social Networking
Online PR
Video Advertising

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