Is web design a good career choice?

When you say “web design” that is a pretty wide topic. One of the previous answers used the phrase cyber architect. An architect can use very technical tools to design a rigid framework. Let’s look a building a house. The architect can design a house that has three rooms, 1500 square feet of space, using the most popular building materials, to conform to the standards of the neighborhood the house will be built. That’s all pretty technical stuff. If you like technical things, that may be something you would like.

But once the house is designed from a technical perspective, what about the color schemes, what color should you make the exterior and interior? How do these colors convey the likes and desires of the home owner? Or should you make the floors wood for being practical, or carpet them for being cozy? That’s a part of designing a home that’s a lot more creative and subjective.

Designing websites, like designing houses, has technical aspects as well as artistic aspects. The world is very competitive, and everyone with a computer is trying to build a website. Focus on the area you can be the best resource. I am much better on the technical side of the house, but would look for help on the creative (artsy) side of the house. Various skills and aptitude tests will tell you which area you are most likely to do better in. Know your strengths, but also be honest with your weaknesses.

Choosing a career choice simply because it is the popular thing to do, or pays great, is not the best route to go. I know a lot of people who got into the technology field for the wrong reasons, and they don’t go far. The people who succeed enjoy their work, and are always trying to learn more. Find the aspects of web design that match up with your skills and interests, and see how it fits for you.

I could go on with this analogy, but hopefully the point is made that there are no one size fits all answer.

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